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European Collaboration
All participants are necessary to reach the project’s overall objective and they all contribute equally to the project in terms of person-months. Their expertise is synergistic and covers all the required scientific and technological knowledge. This is valuable in terms of knowledge transfer since the minimum overlap between the participants will maximise the value of the exchanged knowledge. Indeed, each participant’s contribution in the planned activities in terms of content and expertise provided, showing that: (i) that every participant is particularly suited for their allocated tasks, (ii) that their capacity will be further strengthened via planned intersectoral visits, and (iii) that they are all required to reach the project’s objective. It is important to note that the participants represent a viable supply chain that can develop the prototype post project and launch the product in the market. In this regard, the experience of IMED and CETRI will be vital as they have been previously involved in the development of monitoring systems such as the proposed ICI-THROUGH (IMED: medicalthermometers and scanners, CETRI: telemetry monitoring systems).


A vibrant institution with an outstanding track record in European Union and national research and educational programmes, established in Volos Greece. The group from University of Thessaly specialises in brown adipose tissue biology and medical imaging. Therefore, they will lead a study assessing the activity of brown adipose tissue in cold-exposed healthy individuals.



A large university with 15 schools and 60 scientific research units, established in Porto, Portugal. The group from University of Porto are experts in assessing heat and mass transfer in various environments. They will play a key role linking the theoretical knowledge from biology to engineering and modelling. They will lead the development of algorithms for post-processing of the resulting thermograms.


Specialises in the development and commercialisation of healthcare technologies, established in Bucharest, Romania.

Given their experience, they will lead the development of a brown adipose tissue activating cold exposure protocol.



A research-intensive enterprise specialising in engineering and electronic product development and embedded systems, established in Limassol, Cyprus. They will lead the image analysis of the thermograms as well as the design and implementation of a prototype ICI-THROUGH.

 Project Coordinator


Andreas D. Flouris, PhD
FAME Laboratory
School of Exercise Science
University of Thessaly
Karies, Trikala, 42100, Greece


Adjunct Professor in Environmental Medicine, University of Ottawa
Section Editor, Temperature


TEL: +30 2431 500 601



“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 645710”