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ICI-THROUGH: Intersectoral collaboration for innovation in non-invasive techniques to estimate human brown adipose tissue activity.


The ICI-THROUGH project will create a sustainable innovation platform of intersectoral collaboration between two academic and two industrial European participants to exchange knowledge on the development of non-invasive techniques to estimate human brown adipose tissue activity.


Work Packages



The project’s overall objective will be achieved by accomplishing a series of clear and measurable research and innovation objectives (termed “specific objectives”). In turn, these specific objectives will be realized via staff exchanges of experienced researchers and early-stage researchers divided into:

(i) networking activities, (ii) research and training activities, (iii) workshop activities, (iv) innovation activities, (v) dissemination activities and (vi) public engagement activities.





Implementing a well-planned and effective series of intersectoral exchanges will provide unique
opportunities for the project participants and their staff members to gain new skills/techniques/protocols and career perspectives.


Indeed, the multidisciplinary character of the project will allow staff to obtain new technical capabilities ranging from medical imaging, thermal physiology, biomedical engineering, heat and mass transfer, modelling, brown adipose tissue biology, advertising and commercialisation.

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 645710”