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Work Packages


Work Package 1

Networking activities

These exchange activities are planned to ensure adequate intersectoral interaction at a top organisational level.


Work Package 2

Research and training activities

These exchange activities are planned to advance the state of the art by achieving a multi-disciplinary and intersectoral understanding regarding the development of a non-invasive, practical and accurate technique to assess brown adipose tissue activity in healthy individuals.

Work Package 3

Workshop activities


Knowledge transfer is more than just on-the-job training (which, in the ICI-THROUGH is achieved via research and training activities). It is also replicating the expertise, wisdom and tacit knowledge of critical professionals into the heads and hands of their cross-sectoral colleagues. In the ICI-THROUGH, this will be achieved by workshops, aiming to foster a shared culture of research and to maximise cross-sectoral knowledge sharing from research to market (and vice-versa).

Work Package 4

Innovation activities

The objective of these activities is to organise innovation events that will reinforce the participants’ intersectoral cooperation in the fields of research, technology and innovation.

Work Package 5

Dissemination activities


These exchange activities are planned to ensure the best possible dissemination of the results of the collaboration.




Work Package 6

Public engagement activities


These exchange activities aim to account for public spending and to demonstrate the ways in which the project contributes to a European Innovation Union.

“This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation
programme under grant agreement No 645710”